Boathouse Bitter (ABV 3.7%)

Food Pairings
Aroma characteristics evoke treacle, coffee and even hints of raisin. Brilliant with pork scratchings, peanuts and ready salted crisps

Food and Drink labelling regulations
Boathouse Bitter contains GLUTEN (Barley and Wheat)

Cambridge has a long history of rowing within the city and the university. In the centre of the city the university and town boat clubs have several historic boathouses from which very early morning training runs are taken. The highlight is the annual varsity boat race which takes place between Oxford University and Cambridge University on the Thames in London. The Varsity Boat Race has been held annually since 1829.

The local river Cam is unfortunately too narrow for the crews to race side by side so an alternative method of racing is used called the “Bumps”. The boats are aligned along the river and the object of the race is to bump the boat ahead. Once this has been achieved both boats pull out of the race and start the next day’s race with their positions reversed. Over a series of bump races, the boats try to advance their positions at the start as high as possible.